Why Ettusais Lashes Producing Mink Eyelashes is Unique ?

Why Ettusais Lashes Producing Mink Eyelashes is Unique ?

Ettusais Lashes In the process of producing mink lashes , we have always been strict temperature control, which achieves sterilization.《which-eyelash-suppliers-also-provide-customized-packaging-services/》

Unlike most eyelash sellers who use chemicals to create 3D effects, our lashes are healthy and non-toxic, and we guarantee they don not contain any drug residue.

Raw Material is the best.

① We use the imported Mink Fur from Siberia.
Not all the ingredients are used, we select them carefully to discard all the damaged ones, and only use the most complete eyelashes for the best results.

② We are cruelty-free.

We are the caring Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor and protect every animal.

We only take out the mink fur at the right time.

We only take the fur when the mink is moulting at the turn of the seasons, which will not cause any harm to the body.

The mink fur is not only long, but also strong and shiny, so it is the most suitable material for eyelashes.

③ We use material with a pointed tail.
It is impossible to make 3d mink eyelashes with a good looking. In a word, we will not deceive any consumer, believe us, our raw material is the best!

④Quality Control is the strictest.

We strictly control every process in the production procedure. We have 4 strict quality control systems.

①The control of raw materials. Once damaged, we regard it as the waste.
②The inspection of semi-finished products. It is more rigorous, so more materials are consumed in this step.
③The inspection of finished products.
④The inspection of packaging.


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