Which Box Is Most Suitable For Those Who Are Just Starting The Eyelash Business ?

Which box is most suitable for those who are just starting the eyelash business ?

Ettusais Lashes are professional Eyelash Vendors and we have more than 200 styles of Custom Eyelash Packaging Box,we can FREE design the logo for you and print your logo on Custom Eyelash Boxes But many customers just start their eyelash business,they need simple and beautiful Eyelash Packaging, so our designer developed this new Custom Eyelash Boxes now

custom lash cases

Eyelashes Packaging Box    

Our square acrylic box Minimum Order Quantity only 30 pcs!!! And price more cheaper than magnetic Lash Packaging ,We can see the eyelash style and the color of the bottom card clearly from the top of the Custom Lash Cases. About the bottom card color,you can choose the color what you like and mix any color u like to match with the different lash styles

Lash Box Design

If you want to custom the clear case with your logo,do not worry,we can do the clear sticker with your logo.

Ettusais Lashes have professional design team,our designers can help you to make the logo,to design the sticker,to design the package box, If you order the Eyelash Package Box from  Ettusias Lashes ,we can help you to make the logo with your brand name,with your pattern what you likes.If you are not satisfaction with the logo,we will FREE modify 3 times of your logo.

Lashes Packaging Box

If you don’t want to purchase Lash Package Box from me,that’s no problem.We can design the logo,the logo fee only $20.If you are not satisfaction with the logo,we will free modify of your logo,until you are satisfaction with your logo.The most important thing, we only need one day to finish ur logo design.Let’s start.

private label eyelash boxes

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