What’s the MOQ for the Custom Eyelash Packaging with your Logo and Brand ?

What’s the MOQ for the Custom Eyelash Packaging with your Logo and Brand ?

Many times when we ask the new starters that if they want to have their own lash package bxoes design for the package that they told me “NO”

There usually come with two reasons:

customized boxes wholesale

Eyelash Boxes Wholesale


First is that they have no logo. It will cost about 100$ to design a logo in USA.

Second is that many box vendors request the MOQ for a custom box is 100pcs . that is too many for a new beginner.

But we are different.

mink lashes custom packaging

Diy Lash Packaging

We have our own professional design team we can free design the custom lash boxes logo you want , the only thing you can do is just share your logo idea to our designer then we will free design for you.

After you feel satisfied then we will put it on the box you like and send for you checking.only after getting you confirmation then we will put into bulk production. So the final product send to you will be the same as the design you once confirmed.

eyelash boxes packaging

Eyelash Boxes Packaging


The most important is that our MOQ is only 30pcs instead of 100pcs

We fully understand the new beginner they need a period of time to test the market and their customer group. So we make our MOQ to 30pcs.

custom lash packaging boxes (3)

Another problem is that

They already have their own logo and they found some lash boxes they like . but they are now sure if their logo can be matched the box they chose? It is no problem.

We can put your logo on the box you like and send for you checking . then you can find the best you like to proceed the bulk.

mink lashes packaging

Custom Packaging Vendors

After that you can even post the box design on your social media to have a presale.

Ettusais lashes is not only a manufacturer specialized in mink eyelashes industry for many years but also we are your good partner to help expand your lash business more successful.


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