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How To Put Out The Star-Like Eyelashes

So to have a strong presence of false eyelashes, the first to eliminate natural false eyelashes, most Japanese,Twiwan false eyelashes, hese lengths are not enough. The use of horse hair, mink hair thick, it is best to compare the kind of messy, there will be a strong sense of the existence of a strong but not so plastic texture.








1.False eyelashes trimmed tail, the tail can be slightly more than the extra cut some. Proper length not only reduces the risk of degumming but also greatly increases comfort. Without trimming, the ends of the false eyelashes can be minutely pinpointed to your uncomfortable, trying to pull it off.








2.After coating the glue, do not immediately paste, this time the glue is too wet, sticky, and make a mess of the entire liner and glue. But wait until the glue dry fast when not completely dry, the most sticky, a button to get.







3.Try not to use tweezers to paste. The fingers are too thick, the positioning accuracy is not high tweezers. Do not breath at the end of the eye all the stickers, the first part of the eye after the end of the eye, and then eyes sticky eyes.








Tip. Advise you not to paste false eyelashes below the real eyelashes. The main reason is. Under the real eyelashes is called the water line, which is the place to draw eyeliner, but also a lot of people where the president of the sty place. This site itself is more sensitive, but also very close to the eye, ophthalmologists have repeatedly told not to makeup on the water line

Related Questions

Q1: False eyelashes posted in what position?
A: False eyelashes attached to the upper eyelid close to the root! As close as possible to the eyelashes root, this can be combined with the natural eyelashes.
Q2: Is it still necessary to brush mascara? Layering issues.
A: The standard answer is to wear false eyelashes before you need to clip their own eyelashes curling eyelashes, and then wearing false eyelashes; so similar to the two eyelashes in accordance with the same rise in the arc will not stratification problems. After wearing, from the real eyelashes brush mascara, the natural transition to the false eyelashes, making use of mascara sticky true and false eyelashes naturally blend together to create the perfect makeup.
Q3: double eyelid stickers problem.
A: Double eyelid stickers according to each person to double or single eyelid degree to be set, it is important to note that if you draw eye shadow, it must be done after the eye shadow painted transparent double eyelid stickers! ! ! This is the most natural.


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