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So Popular Candy Boxes Is Coming.

So Popular Candy Boxes Is Coming.

Ettusais Lashes specialized in the mink lashes and eyelash manufacturing for more than 10years.

     lash box design

Nowadays, candy packaging box design is very popular, probably because every girl has a sweet wish in her heart.

lashes packaging box

There are many different designs of candy boxes, and everyone has a high acceptance of candy packaging.

eyelashes packaging box

private label custom eyelash packaging

The most interesting point is that we can choose different candy packaging according to the style of the eyelashes, which makes everyone associate the eyelashes.

lashes packaging

The candy box is very girly, which has no resistance to cute girls, so the candy box is very helpful to your eyelash business.

wholesale eyelash boxes

wholesale lashes and packaging

eyelash packaging custom

eyelash box design



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