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Siberian Mink Lashes

 Siberian Mink Lashes

wholesale long time individual label mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes
wholesale long time individual label mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes

British makeup is to create a naturally and capably elegant sense of makeup. Careful observation of the baby’s eye makeup, eye up in the end of the black eyeliner and neat eyebrow peak. very good facial features sketched out. Coupled with the exquisite Mink Eyelashes, so that girls would look confident and perseverance without losing the gentle, full of agility.

When Zhao Wei’s Big Eyes Meet British Eye Makeup

The whole person has become charming and moving up. Distinguished with the baby’s eyeliner of a gentle extension . Zhao Wei eye tail is a sharp rise in the arc, which makes both eyes look more attractive. This shows that we can wear top grade Siberian Mink Lashes, to achieve the effect we want to achieve.

Contrast Zhao Wei and baby’s eye makeup,you will find Zhao Wei has wearing Siberian Mink Lashes. the outline of the entire eye have been outlined. Please do not try this makeup if you do not have such big and round eyes.

Because the dark full under the eyes will be the eye “circle” up, so that it would have been not particularly large eyes look smaller. If you want to draw eyeliner, you can choose brown eyeliner or only draw 2/3 position.

When Wearing Siberian Mink Lashes

you should pay attention to not too hard to steal the eye, the correct way to open the tilt of the chin. eyes down to look half ecliptic half eyelid state along the eyelashes roots from the beginning of the location of the first draw. Draw a natural extension of the end of the eye.

According to the style you want and eye shape to choose the length and angle of the eye end of the eye stretch. if it is a novice can be first in the eyes, eyes and tail end of the three points, and then connect into a line will be more simple.

If You Want To Have A British Charming

you can choose the same as the United States sugar brown Mink Eyelashes exquisite eye by the end of the eye blooming.

Eyeliner do not have to pull too long, like the long-eyed American sugar slightly elongated 2mm on it. and then catch the red matte lipstick, the whole people become noble retro.

Do not forget to brush the light brown eye shadow at the lower eyelid, as well as the root of the eyelash brush under the eye. so that you can you will have gorgeous makeup while also with a touch of lazy, more charming and moving.

If You Are The Pursuit Of A Little Sweet Fairy

maybe you can consider ice makeup. Wear the Mink Eyelashes up, together with the thick upturned eyelashes, make people look as cute as a doll.

Draw time to pay attention to the clarity of the eyeliner, try to prevent blooming, and brush eyelashes to avoid the emergence of “flies legs.”

Select the honey colored eye shadow in the eye outlines. but as to puffy eyes of high saturation, do not try too much other ways..

Finally, talk about the choice of eyebrow shape, British eye makeup to create a feminine and confident feeling, neat eyebrow peak more assertive expression.

Wearing Siberian Mink Lashes to be combined with the face, such as Zhao Liying who with a round face. is more suitable for curved curved eyebrow pick eyebrows.

so visually elongated chin to eyebrows distance.

If It Is A Long Face Baby

you could choose a slight curvature of the eyebrow, eyebrows down to the extra space left forehead. Well, talked so much, do not know the little fairy whether have to learn getting up Eyre Ghali eyebrow peak fall it.

All the above descriptions point to the key is Siberian Mink Lashes. without wearing Mink Eyelashes Eyeliner painted so beautiful anything would never highlight your temperament and spirit. I know you really want to learn where to buy high-end Siberian Mink Lashes?

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