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Private Label False Lashes

Types Of Eyelashes Used For Grafting

private label custom magnetic eyelashes packaging box hand made 3D mink lashes with own logo
private label custom magnetic eyelashes packaging box hand made 3D mink lashes with own logo

Nowadays, lashes are in fashion, and the last thing people admire is grafting lashes. Although we often go to grafting lashes or listen to people around us talk about grafting lashes, but. There is also a limit to our team’s understanding of the grafting of eyelashes. Now, let’s first understand the types of grafting lashes.

High quality no shedding 3d mink eye lashes
High quality no shedding 3d mink eye lashes

First, from the material point, the most popular is artificial private label false lashes and protein fiber eyelashes, followed by mink. So, what is the difference between these three private label false lashes, why would it be popular? Let’s first look at synthetic lashes, which are hard compared to the other two, but they have a better curl and shape, after grafting.

Can manifest the effect of beautiful ciliary very clearly. The kind of eyelash of protein fiber is also many, take silk protein fiber eyelash as an example, this kind of eyelash is closest to natural eyelash, compare soft. With a certain shape and curling degree, the grafting effect is very natural.

Finally, Mink hair, this is an extremely soft eyelash, grafted, in addition to make the eyelashes thick, long, but also very soft and comfortable.

According to the curl degree of eyelash, it can be divided into the following three types:

Volume C: a strong crimp, a useful curl felt, looks like a doll, but with a natural eyelash paste part weaker, easy to fall off.

Volume J: the end of natural upward curl, suitable for Japanese use of eyelashes, very natural, the most popular… And natural eyelash paste part stronger, longer maintenance.

Volume Y: the sparse private label false lashes can be thicker, without the need to paste the whole eyelash, the grafting time is shorter, can be used to highlight the middle part.

When choosing eyelashes, we should pay attention to the following four points:

It is designed to suit the length of natural private label false lashes, with a length of 1: 9 mm to 13 mm.

Curl shape: the most suitable for the form of natural eyelashes, curled excessive simulation private label false lashes are difficult to maintain for a long time, not natural enough, slightly exaggerated.

Gloss: half plated


A0. 10mm (suitable for larger)

BU 0.15mm (most commonly used eyelashes)

C0. 20mm (add appropriate.)

luxury Eyelashes that are not suitable for grafting are:

Natural eyelashes: most natural luxury Eyelashes are fake, and even if they do, they will have no luster due to lack of vitality, especially without elasticity, waterproofing, and not suitable for eyelash grafting.

Silk hair: suitable for doll’s eyes.

Eyelashes private label Synthetic Eyelashes with eyelash box packaging
Eyelashes private label luxury Eyelashes with eyelash box packaging

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