New developed Eyeliner Glue Is Comming

New developed Eyeliner Glue Is Comming

Do customers often ask us to sell Eyeliner Pen,Eyeliner Glue? Ettusais Lash has investigated many customers and market demands and found that the supply and demand relationship of Eyeliner Glue is seriously imbalanced, so we developed the latest Eyeliner, which can be used as Glue or as Eyeliner!《/new-product-eyelash-liner-glue-pen/》eyeliner glue penWholesale Eyelash Liner Glue

Ettusais Lash Eyeliner not only has a gorgeous shell, but also has a good waterproof effect! Allows you to easily have eyeliner and eyelash glue at the same time!!

Custom Eyelash Liner Glue USA

Our eyeliner not only has a gorgeous appearance and a practical inside, but also a surprise! You can print your brand name on the pen cap

Mink Lash Liner Glue Vendor

Tip: Store the GlueLiner vertically with the cover down to prevent it from drying out.
Note: Please keep it out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, wash immediately with warm water. Do not use if you suffer from eye inflammation or conjunctivitis.

Create Your Own Eyelash Liner Glue

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custom your own Eylelash Liner Glue


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