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The Correct Use Of Mascara Make Eyelashes More Beautiful

Mascara usage I believe a lot of beauty of the MM knows, but right? How many people really follow the correct method to step by step operation? I believe it rarely. However, slow work fine Oh, step by step in accordance with the correct use of mascara to operate, the thick eyelashes is no longer difficult Oh. Let’s take a look at the correct use of mascara! Together to become a thick eyelashes big eyes.


Before using mascara

Before brushing eyelashes, if you want more curly eyelashes charming, you can use eyelash curler clip eyelashes.

Specific methods: First eyelash curler on the roots of eyelashes, eyelashes and clamping, and slightly upturned, stay for 2 minutes, and then the eyelash curler to move the tip of the eyelashes, every 5 mm, eyelashes, stay for 2 minutes until the eyelashes Tip.


When using mascara

1, mascara brush crescent vertical upward, starting from the lashes until the tip of lashes. Above the outer corner of the lashes should be more brush again, will be conspicuous.

2, eyelash brush and nose parallel, with a brush tip on the lashes on the root. lashes must be separated one by one, should not stick together. If stick together, you can use the eyelash brush to open.

3, do not repeatedly brush the eyelash brush out of the bottle, which will let the air into the bottle, make mascara dry.

4, would like to make lashes longer, you can wait until after mascara brush second or third. One thing is important: Brush the mascara as close to the root of the lashes as possible. This will not only show you the moving eye shape, but also make the lashes look natural.

5, with mascara, how to make lashes separate? First of all to remove mascara brush on the excess use. Second, after applying mascara, comb it with a small lashes and comb the lashes glued together.

After using mascara

Teach everyone a use of mascara tips, not only can make lashes clear root, but also curl it Alice:

First prepare a small hairpin (the most common black hairpin) with a lighter

Then one-third of the front end of the hairpin is heated for about ten seconds

Finally, the temperature of the hairpin is used to heat up the lashes from bottom to top, which can dissolve the tangled mascara and also fixes the curvature of the lashes. This method is really useful Oh, it is worth a try oh

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