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Individual Mink Lashes

Classification Of False Eyelashes

Private Label Custom Made Wholesale False Eyelashes
Private Label Custom Made Wholesale False Eyelashes

According To Product Type:

can be divided into feather series Individual Mink Lashes, exaggeration series Individual Mink Lashes, planting grafting series, pure hand series false eyelash, etc.

Fashion 3D Magnetic False Eyelashes,Handmade Eyelashes Fake Eyelashes
Fashion 3D Magnetic False Eyelashes,Handmade Eyelashes Fake Eyelashes

According To The Type Of Use:

can be divided into doll eyelashes, film and television eyelashes, simulation eyelashes, personality agility.

According To Material Type:

can be divided into fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, animal eyelashes, feather eyelashes.

The style of false eyelashes

The style of false eyelashes can be divided into exaggerated European and American and sweet lovely Japanese. The characteristics of the European and American false eyelashes are relatively dense, suitable for the use of girls whose eyes are sharp, or who want to create stage effects; Japanese false eyelashes are mostly produced in Taiwan, the effect is more natural, sweet, suitable for oriental eye shape.

Injuries from wearing false eyelashes

One: causes the true eyelash to fall off.

Wearing false eyelashes for a long time is likely to affect the cleanliness of your own eyelashes. Each eyelash is attached to the root of a hair, which is the conduit for the discharge of foreign bodies. There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the root of the eyelash, if the false eyelash is worn for a long time. Perspiration pores are blocked by false eyelashes for a long time to affect pore perspiration. If false eyelashes themselves are not clean, it is easier to block pores, resulting in eyelashes falling off, and even causing eye inflammation.

2 : weaken the defense function of the eyelash .

Wearing too long and too thick false eyelashes for a long time will affect the reaction time, and the protective function of eyelashes will also be reduced. The eyelids should react instantly, but because the false eyelashes are too heavy, the reaction time will be delayed. And experts point out that people who often wear false eyelashes tend to squint and unwell.

3: inferior false eyelash glue, easy to cause eye irritation.

Most of the false eyelashes on the market are now very simple, smelling pungent. In addition, the quality of glue used to wear eyelashes may also be irritating to the eyes. Easy to cause eye swelling and burning, and even lead to eye allergies, cause eye inflammation.

Clean the root of eyelash with professional cleaning fluid after removing makeup. It is recommended that you do not wear false eyelashes all day long. If you find any discomfort in your eyes, stop false eyelashes immediately and go to the hospital.

How Should False Eyelash Choose?

In order to facilitate the natural effect, you can choose soft pedicle or transparent pedicle false eyelashes, they mimic natural eyelashes, paste on the eyes will not leave too obvious marks, and in color choice. Asian women are advised to use black or dark coffee, which is closest to Asian eyelashes.

If you only use false eyelashes in your daily makeup, be careful to avoid false eyelashes that are too long and too few in number, and don’t choose crossover ones, which may make your eyes look unnatural.

How Does False Eyelash Maintain Correctly?

From the box out, do not pinch with its side pull, to follow the direction of eyelash, fingers gently removed from the eyelids; when peeled off, the middle to pinch the false eyelashes, “suddenly” down to avoid pulling action in a clean manner, two or three hair pulled down.

Used to thoroughly remove the false eyelashes adhesive above, neatly into the box. Keep the eye shadow powder, mascara and stick to the false eyelashes, otherwise it will destroy the dirty, false eyelashes.

Clean false eyelashes with special eye makeup remover. Rub Individual Mink Lashes with makeup cotton, starting from the root, then the front part. The action must be light, otherwise it can not be recycled.

Instructions For Cleaning, Maintenance And Use:

  1. Soak for at least 1 hour. The longer the soaking time is, the easier it is to clean it, and the less likely it is to damage your eyelashes.

2, never stick to water in the entire cleaning process, especially the eyelashes of real life hair.

3, must use the paper towel to remove makeup oil clean, so as not to affect the next use.

How to wear false eyelashes correctly?

Just bought false eyelashes too beautiful, will give people feel very unnatural, so not directly paste, must be properly pruned.

When pruning, the Individual Mink Lashes of two eyes must be thick, thin and consistent. One false eyelash can also be cut in half and stuck in the areas you wish to strengthen, such as the outer corner of the eye, the center of the ciliary eye, and so on.

When sticking V, should put a little glue on the edge of false eyelash, because both ends are easy to fall off, dosage should be a little more. Glue does not stick to false eyelashes. Then apply a layer of mascara along your eyelashes. The adhesive is strongest when it dries. After about 5 seconds, bend the false eyelashes when the glue is dried quickly. Soften it. Then, look into the mirror, adjust the angle of the false eyelashes, gently press the Individual Mink Lashes along the root of the eyelashes.

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