How To Place A Sample Order ?

 How To Place A Sample Order ?

We have many professional buyers who want to place a sample order first, because through pictures and videos it is hard to feel the quality of the product, so how to do it?

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First ,Please tell us what style and length lashes that your customer group likes,because as professional Mink Lash Vendors, we know the market needs and know what are customers like. Then we can better help your business start.

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Second, we will recommend the best-selling styles to you. You can buy sample packages, usually at 40-50$. We provide better wholesale prices for bulk order.

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Then, many people pay too much attention to the price when they start the eyelash business. Obviously, the price of mink eyelashes will be higher, and some people may be attracted by the lower price. We totally understand that you need to find a reasonable price but no lowest price only lower and lower. We will not bring down the quality to average the cost. We all know that a low price on the quotation could turns out to be never-ending trouble (and carrying cost, of course) in the is always our aim to provide our customer unparalleled quality product with affordable cost. Ettusais Lashes can guarantee that our lashes are 100% Siberian mink and handmade.mink lashes vendor

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Finally, when choosing Lash Vendors, you must pay attention to choose legal Eyelash Vendors . Usually, legitimate eyelash suppliers have their own factories and companies, and the third party receiving the payment will protect the rights of both parties without worrying about scams.

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