How To find a Right Mink Eyelash Vendor?

How To find a Right Mink Eyelash Vendor?

Many new starters are confused about how to find a reliable eyelash vendor for their eyelash business, and some of them spend a lot of time looking for the best 3D mink eyelash vendor, but in contact with many customers, we find that many customers have been cheated. So in this article, we want to discuss how to find a good eyelash wholesaler.

eyelash custom package

 custom eyelash packaging create your own lash box

First of all, Google Trends’s recent three-month search on mink eyelashes tells us that mink eyelashes have an increasing market share in the United States. At the same time, we go to Google browser to search for some keywords about customized eyelash boxes, and we will find many businesses. How can we identify whether these businesses are suitable for us?

custom eyelash package

Custom eyelash packaging dripping lash boxes wholesale

Second,Suppliers who have experience of the market will recommend the most suitable eyelash style for the customer group. Also they  will help you arrange the designer to design your brand name on the eyelash package box for you and send for you checking. until you are satisfied.

Usually many custom boxes vendors require a minimum of 100pcs. It’s very difficult for the new beginners .So try to choose those customized boxes with a MOQ about 30-40PCS. After you agree with the design, we will arrange the production for you, deliver the goods on time, and track the order number to you after delivery. If you have after-sales problems, they will help you solve them in time!  The most important is that We will tell you at the first time when we have a new eyelash style, so that you can seize the opportunity


Custom eyelash packaging box with Private Label

Third , purchase from large industrial and trade companies

If you are just starting the eyelash business, or if you only have a small budget, I think you can choose a company integrating industry and trade as your lash vendors . They can produce mink eyelashes and also wholesale and customize eyelash packaging boxes. Usually, the price of a combo company is reasonable. No matter how large or small an order you place, you can receive the goods on time, because they have their own factories, which ensures that they have enough stock!

3d mink lash vendors

fluffy 25mm mink lashes Vendors

Finally, the customized box with logo delivery time is generally 7-10 days, you can use this time to do pre-sale on your social media. You can ask eyelash manufacturers to provide pictures of eyelashes and boxes you ordered. In this way, as soon as you receive the goods, all eyelashes will be sold. Shorten the order sales cycle of eyelash entrepreneurs.

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