How to Expand You Lash Business On Tiktok?

How to Expand You Lash Business On Tiktok?

2020 is the year when TIKTOK is popular. Compared with Instagram and Fackbook, Tiktok has more young followers. You know that young people are more crazy about shopping than old people. It is easy to develop eyelash business on Tiktok, so you should actively register for Tiktok account and Expand the eyelash business. Ettusais Lashes as a professional Eyelash Vendors, has tried this, and here we share with you the tips on how to do it

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Above picture is screenshot of my Tiktok account, you can see, very simple lash video can get 11k visitors, we are Chinese based Wholesale Lashes Vendors, can get so much viewers , i think you are USA girl, you are more professional on making lash videos than us, then you can get more audience, thats the foundation of your customers.

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You only need to take video content to attract followers, and then put your website’s independent profile on the homepage. When your followers want to purchase lashes, they will visit your website to shop. You don’t need to be as professional as you show. On the other hand, among the products you post on Instagram, some interesting and highly published videos can attract more audiences, and eventually, some audiences will turn to your customers. It can be said that the cost is very low and relatively simple. And there are tags to choose from, you can choose the right push crowd and find the right consumer group.

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This is a good way to expand your eyelash business, but the most important thing is to have a good product. Ettusais Lashes is a professional Custom Eyelash Box Packaging and Vendors For Eyelashes. We have our own eyelash production factory and the boxes are made by ourselves, so we only need 30 custom boxes in minimum quantity. This is for those who just started eyelashes business it is very good.


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