How To Choose The Mink Eyelashes Match Your Eyes?

How To Choose The Mink Eyelashes Match Your Eyes?

The perfect Mink Eyelashes can modify your eyes and make your eyes shine! However, how to choose the perfect Mink Eyelashes may be a problem that you and your customers have been looking for and tangled, especially when you have seen so many eyelashes. At Ettusais Lashes, we provide Mink Eyelash styles of different lengths that can be Natural Mink Eyelash and Dramatic Mink Eyelash, but which one should you choose? Your preferences and personal style will help to play a role, and it will also help to listen to our suggestions! This is a simple advice guide, take a look at our professional advice:

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Deep-Set Eyes

Since this eye shape is usually located below the prominent brow bone, we recommend choosing eyelashes that focus on length. By Dramatic length of Mink Eyelashes, this will make your eyes look less rigid, enlarge the effect of the eyes, and make your eyes come alive. We generally recommend avoiding the use of short, Natural Mink Eyelashes as they may have the opposite effect. Our most classic 25mm Mink Eyelash Wholesale  style

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Almond Eyes


Most eyelash styles will complement almond eyes, so when choosing eyelashes, your personal preference will be the main participant. If you are at a party and want to make your eyes brighter, please try a pair with shorter outer and inner corners, and a longer pair in the center. If it is a working day, the first choice is 20mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale.

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Round Eyes


Long, curly, wispy? Take your pick! If your eyes are round, then the exquisite simple mink eyelashes will be your first choice for daily commuting! Start your small mink eyelashes from the shorter inner corner and extend outward to the longer outer corner, which will lengthen your eyes and add appearance. Our recommendation is 16mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale

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