How does a College Student, can have a  Monthly Sales Of 10,000$?

How does a College Student, can have a  Monthly Sales Of 10,000$?

Tina is a college graduate from MIT in 2017. She spent $1 million from zero in two years, doing online shopping like an experiment. She is the seller of online 3d eyelashes wholesale.

After graduating from college, Tina refused many OFFERs including such decent jobs as Samsung Investment Bank. She said that she was a child king since she was a child, not suitable for work.

In the end, he went to New York to study for a postgraduate degree and dropped out of school after more than a month of study. He said that it is very boring to process hundreds of data every day, and it takes more than three years to get a postgraduate degree. He wants to start a business at home, but global e-commerce has been very prosperous.

The choice of starting place is very accidental. In October 2017, she rented a 30-square-meter house in an apartment near the school and started her business. She took only 10,000 yuan to buy the goods.

But Tina is still thinking about how to be an independent website or community. She suddenly found that ins, Youtube can also sell a numbered 3d mink eyelashes, and it sells very well.

Tina also asked some local friends who are high-paying people and have requirements for the quality of 3d mink lashes. At the same time, Tina deliberately inspected a variety of false eyelash suppliers.

It should be said that there are many suppliers of false eyelashes and what styles are available. Tina summed up the situation of various 100 real mink lashes wholesale and chose Ettusais Lashes as her false eyelash supplier. Tina thinks that opening a stylish, mid-range and above-priced women’s false eyelashes should be very rich.

On June 10, 2018, she had his first employee. He named the store Nala, at the end of 2018, with a monthly turnover of millions.

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