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False Lash Packaging

How To Make Eyelashes Longer?

Private Label Mink Eyelashes Strips 3D false eye lashes Cheap Patry Hand Made Eyelashes
Private Label Mink Eyelashes Strips 3D false eye lashes Cheap Patry Hand Made Eyelashes

Use Local Materials

Advantages: low cost, convenient

Disadvantages:easy to inflammation or long fat particles with improper operation,slower effect

wholesale 100% real siberian mink fur mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes
wholesale 100% real siberian mink fur mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes
100% mink strip eyelashes real 3D mink lashes
100% mink strip eyelashes real 3D mink lashes
Real Mink Fur Lashes 3D Eyelashes With Private Label Strips
Real Mink Fur Lashes 3D Eyelashes With Private Label Strips











Available for High Quality Eyelashes growth ingredients mainly include: Vaseline which been to a certain extent would make eyelashes thicker and more robust,it apply to the people with long but thinner eyelashes. Vitamin ,which can make eyelashes grow,are suitable for short eyelashes people .

Olive oil which contains a variety of vitamins , minerals and other active factors that can promote eyelashes regrowth. Vitamin B5 is also called pantothenic acid and its active factor is Coenzyme A, which has outstanding efficacy in hair care.

The structure of eyelashes and hair is roughly the same, so vitamin B5 can also make lashes more robust and full of activity. Overnight tea contains more tea polyphenols, which can promote skin absorption of vitamins, eliminate eye edema, and promote eyelash growth.

DIY eyelash growth solution need dissolve VB5 into overnight tea ,and then you will get homemade eyelash growth solution.Ingredients used above :not specifically designed for the eye,thus be careful on the use of extra.First take care to wipe the eyelashes with a cotton swab, in case of preventing infection.

Second, we should pay attention to the excess pressure with tissue paper to prevent fat particles. In fact, from the oath on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the product,unless it is a DIY enthusiast or a girl who is particularly cost-conscious will live, or do not have their own DIY. For the requirements of eye product are relatively high, or have a certain risk .

Eyelash Growth Solution

Advantages: designed for eyelashes, not easily occur fat particles and infections

Disadvantages: every-day usage, need some patience and perseverance.

Eyelash growth fluid containing most of the enzyme “EPM” can create hair cells and the formation of tissue while activating the dormant secondary hair follicle germ tissue. the hair follicle cells in the quiescence to return to the growth stage of the value-added to promote the rapid growth of eyelashes . Brush mascara directly before going to bed like a brush, focus on the roots of a few rub back and forth. because your hair follicles is the birthplace of birthplace.

Cut Eyelashes

There is a legend that cut eyelashes can make the regenerated eyelashes thicker and longer. Our moms basically had the experience of being shaved from head to toe in their childhood, in order to stimulate the hair’s eyebrows and eyelashes to grow thicker.

However, this folk has some hidden dangers. After cutting off part of the eyelashes, leaving the more rough foundation, it is easy to stimulate the eyes, thus cause inflammation , keratitis and other eye diseases. The earliest is likely to damage the eyelashes hair follicles, resulting in irregular growth of eyelashes, “chaos eyelashes.”

Eyelashes will cause each eyelash growth out of position are different, it is possible to repeatedly stimulate the cornea, then unplug again, give rise to the formation of a vicious circle.

Chattering classes,Eyelash burning have is the more effective method than eyelash cutting.Frida has seen a few girls with long, thick eyelashes after their eyelashes were burned. However, this is the unintentional positive outcome.This risk is too high, not recommended to take the initiative to try.

Can only say that if you accidentally burned, you would have the joy of waiting to have a pair of biracial beauty eyelashes.

False Eyelashes

If you are an acute person, it doesn’t matter, according to the size of the guts ,you can also try from false eyelashes to eyelashes hair follicles to a variety of different ways.

1.This is a very deceptive way

A lot of girls said that they will plant eyelashes at the first meeting of boyfriend in face without makeup, as expected, the effect is really good.Grafting eyelashes is commonly known as eyelash extensions, that means false eyelashes will be glued to their lashes. Thus the people who own natural eyelashes on the more dense and curling would have more effective outcome.

If their eyelashes are too sparse, or even upside down, it is not recommended to do grafting.You can try to transplant hair follicles surgery.

2.Eyelashes severe loss of patients with the gospel

– the principle of transplanted eyelashes Eyelash transplantation simply put the doctor first remove the hair follicle tissue, and then the hair follicles transplanted to the eyelashes, hair follicles survive, you can naturally grow new eyelashes.

In fact, there is no pain and no recovery period, suitable for the original eyelashes messy and scarce want to have a long eyelashes girl once and for all. Eyelash transplantation is under local anesthesia, about 40-50 hair follicles for each eyelashes. After 3-6 months, new eyelashes grow in the transplanted follicles.

At the same time,because of the transplantation of hair follicles, eyelashes will be as long as long hair, so it need to be trimmed in time. However, the natural growth of eyelashes filaments conical, thinner, and transplanted eyelashes were cylindrical, thick hair, transplanted eyelashes slightly rough.

3.The most convenient long eyelashes

– mascara. Compared with the operation, brush mascara and false eyelashes are the most convenient and easy way. As to mascara you only need to brush,and then you are able to have a thick curly hair long thick eyelashes, not to mention of High Quality Eyelashes as long as paste it to the end of the matter. You can keep your eyes glorious smart without mascara , like soft moonlight and dazzling sunshine. Don’t worry about eyelashes off when you washing your face, taking a bath or swimming, it always allows you to keep the natural style.

4.The most skillful method

– posted High Quality Eyelashes.High Quality Eyelashes, a new and popular technology of cosmetology and beauty makeup, is the use of mink hair which sticks to your lashes one by one, so you can easily get thick and long eyelashes.

Eyelashes are more valued by female friends, not only very small but easily modified our “window of the soul.” Long, thick and natural eyelashes is the dream of most female friends, because the High Quality Eyelashes have a very important effect on the face and the eyelashes can make the eye bigger and brighter. Meanwhile grafting eyelash would make those who lack the short eyelashes friends have long and curved eyelashes. High Quality Eyelashes can also be beauty.

Many female friends want have long eyelashes like Barbie which we can easily get by false eyelashes. Actually, for their part, compared to mascara, I prefer false eyelashes, because a paste is over.  not so many brush eyelash skills, but also free to choose from a variety of Different styles. When the request is not high can also save the time to draw eyeliner. Part of the single eyelid even after the false eyelashes paste will become double. Selection method

 Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging
Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging

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