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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Five Ways To Make Eyelashes Longer   

Long Alice Alice eyelashes, not only make the eyes look bigger and more beautiful, feather light eyelash fan more to bring a woman another style. Let’s take a look at the five advantages and disadvantages of getting the eyelashes to grow longer and choose the one that works best for you.






First, eyelash grafting          

Eyelash grafting benefits: Eyelash grafting method to promote eyelashes become longer, the basic can be regarded as painless, and through the eyelash grafting can make the original short eyelashes in a few minutes to become long and Alice, more waterproof, allowing you Temporarily discard the makeup tool eliminates the pain of makeup remover.

Eyelash grafting shortcomings:

1.Suitable for the crowd is limited, choose the method of grafting eyelashes need their own eyelashes have some resources to grafting a thick effect, not suitable for those with thin lashes.

2.Easily cause eye infections, the most common is suffering from “keratitis.”

3.The quality of eyelashes material varies greatly, many American who can not tell when grafting eyelashes to what level of artificial eyelashes.

4.To cause their own eyelashes off in advance, as the grafting eyelashes is a special artificial glue eyelashes glued to their eyelashes, so the damage on their own eyelashes relatively large, shortening the natural eyelashes off time.








Second, mascara:

I believe many women friends like me, mascara has become a necessity in life, there are many benefits of using mascara, the first is convenient and can always create different eyelashes. Second, the variety of mascara varieties, different colors, the effect of mascara varieties always help to enhance the new highlights of the eye. The most important thing is to use mascara without the day and night to the lashes burden.

Disadvantages of regular use of mascara:

1.For some beautiful newborn mascot how to control mascot still need to learn, so the makeup is usually a long time, accidentally fall into the makeup of heavy makeup.

2.At all times to prevent mascara caused by the “Panda eye.”

3.must rely on makeup products to remove thoroughly.






Third, planting eyelash

The benefits of eyelash planting: Transplantation folliculor is the body’s own hair transplant eyelashes naturally a medical and cosmetic technology. The effect of long-term use of eyelash cultivation will not fall off, and high survival rate. However, the technical content and fees required are also high.

Shortage of eyelash cultivation: Because it is the use of its own hair follicles, so no growth after the eyelash growth limit must be regularly trimmed. And eyelash planting there will be a lot of bruising, congestion. There are certain restrictions on the condition of the subject: the girl who is in the period of growth and development is better not to do it.

If you want to choose eyelash planting must choose a regular, professional large hospitals, and to be prepared to ensure the quality of surgery, to prevent infection and complications.








Fourth, eyelash nourishment

The benefits of eyelash nourishment: Each eyelash has its own life cycle, that is, 6-month growth period, followed by the rest period and hair from the hair root separation, in order to facilitate the formation of new eyelashes hair follicles. Daily cleaning or rubbing there are several lashes off, which is often not be noticed. Malnutrition or long-term illness can also lead to eyelashes and eyebrows shedding, the general rehabilitation before regeneration. Therefore, with a special eyelash growth fluid to nourish the eyelashes, the purpose is to nourish the roots of eyelashes to make eyelashes grow healthily. However, nourishing eyelashes, nursing needs long-term adherence, the effect is no other way to make eyelashes become longer, not suitable for long-term friends.






Fifth, false eyelashes:

The benefits of using false eyelashes: eyelashes are particularly short and thin people, the most suitable method for using false eyelashes to distract. Cut it to the same length as your own eyelashes and remove the over-dense, first curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and brush your mascara. Then the false eyelashes root stained with glue, slightly open your eyes, starting from the eyes to the end of the eye gently pressure, the false eyelashes stick up, show in front of everyone, is a pair of demon touching eyes.

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